A Good Day

April 08, 2009

Well today I got-up again at around 6:30 am,went to the nearby government health center and finally I was able to obtain the excemption card which I have to present to the clinic where I had my bloodtest yesterday so I wouldn't have to pay Euro 50 something. PRAISE GOD! I made it home in time as my daughter just woke up and so I gave her breakfast and tidied-up a little both the house and ourselves and I decided I would take her out to the zoo, some 40 minutes of commuting from our home. But when we arrived, there was a very long queue for the tickets Euro 10/head. As the skies were uncertain wether to show the full sun or no, I let her enjoy the sights of big fishes and turtles on the pond and also the big colored parrots and, to finish-off our very brief outdoor stint I bought her a big red bug balloon.

And last saturday morning we also took her to a horseride which she enjoyed. Tomorrow she'll spend her day with her uncle and auntie, since she will be the flowergirl for the wedding of my nephew-inlaw on May 27, they will buy her an elegant white dress fit for the occassion. So I could be free to do some other chores including some more X-ray and ultrasound scan. Just a routine general check-up.OK. PRAISE GOD.

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