Jolly Roger Hotel

March 29, 2009

We were in Anaheim California a few years back, for the express purpose of experiencing Disneyland in Los Angeles California. And we stayed in this modest Jolly Roger Hotel for 3 days, near the world famous theme park. It is just some 10 to 15 minutes on foot to Disneyland Anaheim California. The nightly rate is reasonable and the service is fairly good. It had been an unforgettable experience , as I practically never had a happy childhood (my parents had no jobs, no money, no (special) gifts nor celebrations on special occassions, no regular decent meal to offer THEN or during those days, ..) humiliation and scorn used to be our daily portion. BUT GOD changed our situation and even gave this opportunity to 'go back as it were' to my childhood. We went on kiddie rides and we were together with small kids screaming our lungs-out in the river ride that went up and down a very high artificial mountain. But we never had the guts to try the cyclone, or at least my husband because I already tried its equivalent in Enchanted Kingdom (Philippines). I also saw for the first time there the (then-modern) monocycle which some big malls or supermarkets here in Italy, has just started using. Well here's some reminiscing and some hopes to whom it may concern.

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