Better Days Ahead

March 19, 2009

It is obvious that the warm season is gradually approaching. The cold season has been turbulent episode particularly for little children. The crossover from cold season to warm (winter to spring) is characterised by rains, cold winds blowing and melancholic gray skies. But the good thing is that spring is nearing summer. Which means getting rid of flu, cough and colds which usually accompany winter.
Well I had a photo taken in the pizza house near my workplace. The pizzagirl wih me is Annelina, a perfect epitome of a good customer service. She can make the sternest client smile without even trying. She has this natural charm, an excellent sense of humor and a very friendly attitude. They also make the bestest white pizza with zucchini, in rome as far as I'm concerned.
On the other photo is my very lovable young student. I can say, that I love this sweet girl very much. Once, she risked herself,criss-crossing through the passing cars just to stop the bus that I was supposed to take. At another time, we walked in the nearby bus terminal together hoping to get on a common bus, but we ended up on separate buses and sending handwaves and flying kisses through the buswindows as our buses were going separate ways.She is a very sweet and naive girl. The multi-holed building in the background is actually the congress building but they call it cheese. As Always GOD has been blessing the days for us. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. AMEN.

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