February 17, 2009

Today I had to start out the day earlier than usual and through the rush I honestly forgot to take some pocket money (for lunch and transport ticket). I thank GOD that I took my husband' s lunchpass (a sort of ticket accepted in certain commercial establishments as a form of payment). But they dont accept it in the pizzaparlor where I usually eat, I tried with other food stores but to no avail. Finally I came to one supermarket and they accept it but they have no pizza (my usual lunch) so I settled for a coke-incan, ritters sport chocobar and potatoe chips then the cashier asked me for additional money because I exceeded the amount in the lunch pass so I had to admit in front of the cashier and everybody waiting in line behind me, that I have brought no money. The only thing I can be ashamed of is if I did something wrong like shoplifting. Then later, as I was going for an outdoor assignment I realized I was at risk of being caught without busticket (which might mean paying Euro 100 fine) I was also tempted of climbing-over the subway train's separation 'fence' (as I have successfully done a number of times before even with bigbrother cameras poked all over) , so as to avoid spending or punching the only and last ticket on my jungled bag. I always pray. I am always oblivious when I'm solitary because it is my chance to talk to GOD, especially when I'm travelling. I rarely have time to think of anything else, as a wise advice says 'Why worry when you can Pray'. GOD ALWAYS comes to 'rescue' me many, many, many, Many Times. Just like this afternoon as I punched the last ticket I prayed to GOD to give me a person that can help me or give me at least Euro 1 to buy a transport ticket. The next breath and step led me to a nice acquaintance who I really rarely see. The last time we met was when her sister invited me to their family reunion last summer August (which parts I also filmed and posted here in the older) . As embarassing as it was, it was clearly GOD's answer to my sigh of prayer so I asked her rather shyly and apologetically if she can lend me Euro 1 (with explaining on the sides, why..) Isn't GOD just wonderfully merciful and Great in kindness and love? AGAIN, I MUST PRAISE AND GLORIFY MY GOD IN JESUS' NAME Amen.

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