Prejudice Undone

January 20, 2009

Almost nine years ago I came to Italy, knowing neither the language nor anyone nor the culture. The only job most thirdworld country citizens can take up is the menial kind, domesticated and the like. As I did on the initial few years, but I had in mind and by the grace of GOD- to improve my lot. After a few years (3) I acquired enough fluency of the italian language as to be able to land on a job as a hotel receptionist in a prestigious hotel in the central tourist district of the capital Spanish Steps, and consequently GOD also gave and led me to this teaching position. Prior, I had a very strong prejudice against Germans first and then italian people mainly because they differ so much with my personal convictions and culture. I used to think they're generally racists and condescending against thirdworld immigrants. But many experiences proved my beliefs to be on the contrary , like in most areas when I take the bus some people would gently thank the busdriver before getting down.Or when they see me or anybody(any nationality) in difficulty they would normally rush to help with heartmelting concern. In our neighborhood almost everybody would greet everybody (like ants do) when they meet, or some would even stop by for a short converse. They're very corteous, at least most people I meet. They would offer help, like when I'm (or anybody) carrying several bags of groceries. Or when I take my daughter in the stroller in the bus, anybody would normally readily give a hand in carrying the stroller down. These attitudes I dont remember having known in Manila, except in very rare cases. Or maybe except when I'm in the far away suburbian province which can only be reached by a 24 hour trip by ferry.
Gone are the prejudices. Now I'm also married to an italian and shortly I would also become a citizen myself. My earthly citizenship may change but my heart's and spirit's , will remain forever as that of Christ's. So again I Praise my LORD JESUS CHRIST who gives us the victory.Amen.

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