vittoriajc: Your 'Sponsor' to a better income opportunity

October 25, 2008

"Ja kailangan lagi mo on ang PC mo mpara lagi tayo comunicate. this week nakaearn nanaman ako ng 350.euro d2 sa H&C, kaya cipagan mo na din."

(You must turn on your pc always so we can keep intouch.This week I earned again Euros 350 here in H&C, so you work on, also)

This is part of the email ate Pen wrote (in the photo in my previous post) On the week she was here, she earned almost Euros 800. It is the setup inwhich anyone who needs to travel (by plane, cruise ship) will not need anymore the services of the travel agency.He\she can book his own ticket -plane or cruise ship) online through the website holidaysandcash therefore eliminating the additional charges from the travel agents. Doing away with the hassles of making a trip and following up with the travel agency, and all the bureucracy. Holidaysandcash provides travel tickets at a price almost 40% less,than that offered by travel agents. Also reduced rates on over 800,000 hotels worldwide. Not only will one get discounts but, he\she can earn more by referring new members\agents for holidaysandcash. Yep, it's a MLM which originated from Australia. And is successfully spreading through Europe and other parts of the world. To be a member you will need a 'sponsor' or the person who referred you to the business and the fee to register is $240 (Euros 190) renewable annuallly. There's not much to lose but so much to earn. OK GOD BLESS Tremendously.

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