May 12, 2008

I'm supposed to have my job interview today at 12 nn, in a prestigious law office, which called me 2 days ago as a response to the job ad I placed in the local ads newspaper. Today I had to request them to resched the interview due to a minor domestic incident. Job-working again after giving birth.Career growth and earning stimulates me a lot. Prior to pregnancy I was a hotel receptionist in a 3 star hotel located right in the tourist belt area Spanish Steps. Then eventually GOD Blessed us with a wonderful child Vittoria Emmanuela and I had to opt to stay with her fulltime at least for some period of her growing time, which I consider a very vital investment, honing her character even at her very delicate innocent age. It's been a little more than 2 years
since I stopped working and now I've started jobhunting again and, it seems almost every month a job interview comes my path.But for one reason or another (be it conflict of sched-I prefer to work parttime in the morning, or the distance from our place-I have to consider the travel time fr the workplace til Vittoria's daycare center, or I dont speak fluent italian, or due to racial discrimination,or that I dont meet the age requirement-I'm not as young as they expect their employees to be,also I have some little apprehensions about being away from Vittoria having been used to be physically near her everyday from the day she was born) well, the interview gets aborted. I have made numerous attempts for jobs that are completely unknown to me (Programme Assistant, Information Manager etc.) And by GOD's grace some prestigious international organizations got interested enough to fix an appointment for my interview. I felt most sorry for having lost the opportunity to work for UK representative office to FAO-a UN arm due to my inavailability for interview.But As it is I am an incurable optimist, and believer in my GOD. HE has guided all my goings, and HE has answered many of my prayers.I still believe hopefully this week my GOD will finally release the bestest job for me here in ROme.ANd for this I praise and thank my GOD in advance.So be it.

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