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Friday, April 10, 2009

Lunch Out

The other day I had some free time and went out with my friend and her very cute daughter Maris. We ate in a very nice, newly opened Filipino restaurant "Kusina Filipino" right in the center of Rome (Termini station) owned by Ate Mayet who is also very active in other income generating activities like real estate, networking products forever living etc. I first met her when I attended one of her forever living seminars, and I realize now that she is continually being blessed because of her humility and kindness. SHe was offered this business with the venue already fully equipped with all the kitchenwares and utensils, table chairs and cloths and everything, it seemed she only needed to step in and resume the operation. I really hope one day we can also open a similar business in the similar area.

We chose Kare-kare' from the menu and 'lechon kawali' and we were stuffed after the lunch.

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kcatwoman said...

hey nice pick on the food you chose! kare kare is so yum yum. pati lechon kawali, haha high blood kayo nyan. Anyway, i really really hope maging sobrang successful yan pinoy cuisine sa italy.