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Enjoying The Time!

Our little girl just turned 9 this month. I thank and praise my GOD-PAPA for the nine years that HE has taken very good care, not only, of our daughter but also our family. Nine years filled with more laughters, new lessons learned, new and also, improved relationships, hopes and dreams, courtesy of her existence. Although I and my daughter have completely opposite personalities, due in part, to different cultural upbringing and environment, some of her better traits are patience and understanding. There are times, lately, more frequently. that I can't prepare good meals, when I don't have time, then I would just take her to a fastfood chain. Yes, often, in McDonalds where kids get a free toy for every Happy Meal (menu). Sometimes, she would oblige me to eat there,even, several times just so she can complete her Happy Meal toys collection. She particularly enjoys these recent toy editions from McDonalds.Although I, as a healthbuff, don't prefer to serve my own child fastf…