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Less Facebook,More Blogger

Praise the LORD ! GOD is Great and Worthy to be Praised,and everyday in our family.

In the recent years I've almost completely abandoned blogging because GOD has blessed me with a wonderful job, plus HE is taking care of our family through HIS Divine Protection, Blessings and Gracious Guidance. Also, the duties of a mother and wife occupy most of my time. That in consideration; I still manage to find time to sneak in every now and then, to my facebook account,that now I realize is rendering my blogging, neglected. Yesterday and today I cleaned up my linkslist, checked each friend-link still has me on his/her list, and I removed from my 'favorited blogs', those that eliminated me or whose sites went inactive, that way I was also able to drop some messages to their homepages after a long time. It's nice to know that even if I was inactive in blogging for a long time, two years maybe, that many of my blogging friends have retained me, even if they have changed their temp…