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Making New Friends

Right now I'm seated behind the reception desk eating a big yellow Del Monte Banana and a cup of hot chocolate. Although I'm not a receptionist in this language school-I feel very comfortable sitting behind the reception desk. It's usually the converging point of the school staff. I'm particularly the reserved and introvert type, against my will. But GOD is gradually changing this trait by introducing me to new friends of different colors. I'm particularly fond of Urte' a very sweet young German girl in her early twenties, with very long blond hair left freeflowing. She's the only teacher who greets me with a kiss and a hug everywhere we meet, she- like Tiffany wears a perennial smile on her face. She teaches German, French and English. Colombia is a also very nice, she's a 55 year old mother to 3 grown-ups from whom I get helpful tips on healthy foods and vitamin supplements for my little daughter. Vincent is a comic character, although he looks stern and a snob, he is actually a down-to-earth, simple and sweet person. Just this week he had a new haircut which made him look 20 years younger, he seemed to be around the age of 40 before the haircut, he used to sport long curly blond hair but now, he sports a crewcut style which did away his curly blonds. I like his blue eyes very much. I think he's French who speaks fluent italian,but teaches German English and French.Sabrina is the first teacher with whom I did the sit-in training. At First I thought she's a snob but this impression is slowly changing, now that she's starting to open-up conversations more often. She is friendly and sweet as is Serafino who is actually italian (like Sabrina) but both of them have a very heavy British accent, I always have a very hard time catching up on their words so I usually talk to them in italian. All teachers are nice, but I find the Ucrainian Svetlana (English and German teacher) most distant. She wouldnt talk unless you talk to her . A quick assessment of my work confirms that GOD is also blessing me in this HIS own blessing(this job). So I always PRAISE GOD.


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We attended the celebration of Philippine Independence Day last June 12, at Manila Square here in Rome, and we enjoyed so much not only all the typical Filipino delicacies (mostly for free, just like in a town 'Fiesta'), but also the company of all the filipinos in that highly festive occasion where the TFC channel also held a show hosted by Pokwang and Randy Santiago.But we weren't able to watch anymore as we left before their arrival, late in the afternoon.We didn't want to expose our little daughter to too much sun. But it was the first time we attended the Philippine Independence Day here in Rome. It was also funny to see some foreigners, muslim-looking and also Italians appreciating our festivities and our food. There were many different booths set-up to promote varied services like Filipino real estate companies,Filipino Banking institutions, legal assistance, food stands etc. There was also the 'halo-halo' under the heat of the sun--:The most surprisin…

Cross At The Center of The Universe

This is the actual image at the very center of our universe,found at the core of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) Not long ago, a certain very young Pastor Louise who himself also, is a NASA/space enthusiast- preached in Spain about the incomprehensible enormity of our universe. It was a very eloquent message,very well explained and accompanied by his own actual visual collections from NASA. He articulately (however hard he tried to..) showed the vastness of GOD (more than that, the vastness of GOD's Love for us) . ...consider, at 60,000 or 70,000 ft. above the sealevel, all structures on earth's surface would hardly be visible through the naked eye, lowfast lamborghinis or ferraris, jetplanes,villas and mansions, the most luxurious malls and most importantly-people would seem inexistent. If you travel farther,beyond our own solar system or even outside our Milky Way galaxy, the Earth would seem to be only a dot.And men, you or me would be insignificant(or seemingly inexistent) size…


We celebrated our sixth year wedding anniversary yesterday at Hard Rock Cafe' at the Rome tourist belt area.Of course Italy is known for its delightful and fat-free cuisine but due to budget constraints we opted not for a fine dining.But the entire day was blessed with cheers and simple fatty dishes by Hard Rock but nevertheless served with kindness and sweetness by the young and handsome waiter.That is also good enough to make up for what might still be lacking to call it a memorable wedding anniversary.We were with my girlfriend Lala with whom I was teasing Alessandro our waiter just for fun.We finished our dinner with yet another greasy dessert hot fudge brownies.After that,we proceeded with some photoshoot outside the restaurant.As the American embassy is just a stone's throw away from Hard Rock, I also had my photo taken with it in the background.Well there's one more reason to Praise My GOD today.