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Exhibit Museum of Rome

Hi friends I plead the Blood of my Lord JESUS CHRIST to everyone reading this.

This photo here, is an ad that ran for months in every major street of Rome, and in the biggest museum in the historic center of Rome.

I have long intended to 'pen' this piece but was prevented by the many to-do's . And today when I checked the private blog stats, this old post popped up to my face out of nowhere,like an assertion to get it over with.

Now, I'll try to put this in a laid-back mode although this matter is of utmost importance because, considering the oldness of the post referred to above, these recent times, I or we have seen even more manifestations of events and social,technological developments leading to the imminent return of my Lord JESUS CHRIST. This,in no way undermining the important benefits of digitalization to our modern society,but this, in the same plane,there is a battle being waged to win your soul, this is the same battle in the field o…