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At this very moment of writing,tensions definitely run high in occasion of Israel's 70th Independence Day celebrations. The other equally important factor that makes this event extra delicate and special, is the inauguration of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem where they have set-up flags commemorating the political and friendly ties between America and Israel. Understably, there's a maximum level of alert in consideration of the massive attendance of people from around the world, including the political dignitaries and international media. 
If you know the breath-taking history of Israel, you can not, but stand in awe of the thousands of miraculous and divine providences that clearly manifest the hand and heart of GOD towards this people,considered the apple of GOD 's eye. They have in general,birthed, and have carried the story of The GOD that Christians in all the earth,worship. How they have overcome all the impossibilities pronounced against them, by their enemies,namely al…