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The Last, the Least and The Lost

"What's in a name? Have you ever wondered just what it is?"
I borrowed and changed a line from the old song from the 80's generation,by Gilbert O'Sullivan "What's in a kiss?" or in this case, "What's in a name?" Let me tell you that it makes a world of a difference to be known by your name, it gives some personal worth to the person. I will link this story to my previous post where I shared that I was born again in 1983 and, since then I never had the proper growth in Christ due church-hopping or changing churches every year or two. Why ? Because, coming from a poor background, I was deprived of self-worth even by my own family. I personified what JESUS loved, the last, the least and the lost all rolled in one. This list is first in the heart of JESUS, and for this reason HE came.

As a baby Christian, I began attending a Southern Baptist fundamentalist church, where I seemed to be invisible, nobody knew me,let alone, my name. L…