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Jia's Random Thoughts in 2017

I would start by greeting everyone a very blessed Christmas! I really pray that GOD pours out overflowing blessings to fill every need in your life because HE, our GOD is not only that good but infinitely rich and,above all HE loves you incredibly much.

I wonder if I should apologize for interpreting every image I catch along the way, as if my GOD  drives an encouraging message to strengthen me, and share this thought. You might see these puny, defenseless grasses that everyone of us carelessly trample upon everyday as we go our merry way. It's been created by GOD and however insignificant we think of it, it is there for a reason, maybe to contribute one more ounce of oxygen into the air we breathe or cleanse the air for you and me, as we know that this is one of its purposes. This time though,it is there yet, for one more reason, to send a meaningful message. That is; 'do not worry', the force, the power of GOD is greater than anything that is man-made,as demonstrated by…