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I AM THE GOD WHO HEALS YOU (p2, continued)


We were back recently at the hospital not so much for the scheduled regular check-up (after the second open heart surgery last February) but, to write another line about the goodness and wonderful gift of our FATHER  in healing my husband, in our family storybook, to be read, even by those who need to find HIS Love-manifest. This family storybook to be kept here and remembered even beyond this material world. As a person I tend to be reserved and private, I'm not one who frequently posts photos especially of my family, on social media except when it comes to sharing HIS Love. I asked myself several times when I snapped these shots, what's the use of keeping these photos ? Well they tell an incredible story of a hospital ward (cardiology) and ICU full of highly-specialized and  brilliant medical teams, beautiful, extra-ordinary people, who performed their jobs professionally but never once heard anyone mention about GOD, much more the GOD Who heals. On the contrary I onc…