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I AM The GOD Who Heals You

I AM The GOD Who Heals You. Exodus 15:26 cbJCB:

This has got to be the scariest but by the same token, the most powerful chapter of my life demonstrating our Heavenly FATHER's Amazing Grace and Love.

Feb. 24 this year, my husband Adrian had the second open-heart surgery to replace the defective mechanical mitral valve that was placed on him almost three years prior,which was his first open-heart operation.

The days that followed were such of 'seemingly endless' agony, very strong mental and emotional torment which were extremely fiery darts from the devil.  (Above all taking the shield of faith,wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the devil. Ephesians 6:16)

It wasn't a single dart or mental attack and I wish it was, they were 'darts',  and they weren't even simple darts. They were fiery in the most extreme sense that lasted almost seven months, that had not my GOD upheld me in the inside I wouldn't be here 'penning' this …

Why I can not,or will not leave my ICF church

This morning is the first of a 5-day English Summer School Program offered freely by my home-church, International Christian Fellowship;whereas the same program costs as much as Eur 150 per week, per child in a regular school. I wanted to enroll my daughter in a regular catholic-sponsored summer school in our area so she wouldn't get bored but she had been looking forward to ICF 's English school because she had bonded (so) well with many kids. So, this morning it had been easy to make her get-up, she was even singing inside the shower, (she tie-coiled her hair on both sides like the star-wars lady and slept on them the night prior) and she did her hair on her own. When we got to the church,I observed how excited she was as she sang and jumped up and down to the gospel songs which she was already familiar with. At home she was ecstatic as she related their activities and was even jealous that somebody drew better than her.

The main point is that,she was always the one demandi…