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The Mercies of GOD

Happy New Year! And although this is too-late of a greeting, this comes as my newest post for this fresh GOD-given year 2017! I thank GOD in no uncertain terms,as a matter of fact, categorically,  for how HE has walked closely with me and my family through all the challenges of life;which  served to crystallize even more HIS Own Power,Grace And Mercy and above all, Love, specially for them who would, in all fierceness of spirit,clutchTo HIM through the valleys and low times.
If you submit to be an intelligent creature, you would agree that this life must hold a purpose for each of us. These desperate times must be to an intended end,a lesson to be learned,if not at the first trial,then maybe at the second or the next one  .. . if you are breathing human being,you are not exempted, no one is. Each difficulty is another life lesson waiting to be learned to strengthen and prepare your inner man,for your next level in life. You must understand that in all of these,there's just one di…