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Mission Sunday at ICF Rome

With visiting Pastors Bill&Marilyn Leach.  With visiting Pastors Bill&Marilyn Leach.

I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of The LORD!"     Psalm 122:1
Today at ICF (International Christian Fellowship) Rome, we had a spectacular service led by the visiting Pastor Bill Leach, who highlighted even more and once again the unbelievably Immense but condescending Love of our Lord JESUS towards us HIS Creation,HIS children. He began with a true story of Lt. John Blanchard, who fell in-love with the soft handwriting on the margins of a book he was reading in a Florida library, which to him,reflected an insightful,passionate soul. He traced the owner of the  handwriting from the book cover and wrote to her inviting her to correspond. The next day Lt. John Blanchard was assigned to Europe to serve in Word War II. The next months served as seeds of correspondence between the two;eventually Lt. John asked for her photograph which she declined, claiming, that …


Just texted my student that I couldn't make it on time,while thankfully savouring (or more appropriately, 'devouring') the fried bream fish,for lunch. I stood up as soon as I mouthed down the last spoonful,somehow hoping against the odds, to contradict my prior text. Then, at 90 or a hundred meters away, as I approached the tram that will take me to my destination,somehow I have given up on the idea of being able to catch the tram,because it meant subjecting my 'full' tummy to stress,what's more I'm carrying an extra load/bag of lesson materials.
Then,the tram didn't move even after, one minute, then as if to further seduce me, about halfway the distance, the traffic light turned green for pedestrians, although it seemed the tram was already full. I rushed to get into it, almost convinced that there wouldn't be a vacant seat- given the fact the it was already in 'standing ovation'. Yet strangely enough,there was a vacant seat as if it was &…