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War Room Review

Life is a battle. 2 Chron. 20:15 "  ..for the battle is not yours,but GOD's"

A review is a report of someone who has had a personal experience with something.
Well we're hoping to our GOD that this will also be released in Europe, including where I'm based (Rome Italy). My personal experience goes with the lifestyle of the movie. I have my own personal war room where I spend my day's first hour (actually,only around 15 minutes) and it's not a room either.It's just a nook in our kitchen where I post the images of requests,which I lift up in prayer/quiet time.My heart goes out to this film because it is where victory is found, as my GOD has kept us with HIS Mighty Right Hand. And also the people we pray for. Sincerely, we anonymously pray for certain friends who complained of some physical injuries or job problems and later on,they would tell us or we will see that their problems were solved. Then I would tell my husband 'You see? Prayers are Power…