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Pause and think about it once...Posted by The Well Diggers on Monday, June 8, 2015 I chanced upon this interesting video, on browsing thru my facebook page. I felt it needs to spread outside of my (or others') facebook pages. As it is, it seems to perfectly coincide with the Christian Bible Prophecies and the present-day environmental and social events. There is an allegory in the Bible about Noah who sent a warning about a coming great flood that would engulf and annihilate people but they just ignored his warning because up to that time they hadn't seen a flood, or let alone, rain. All the prophecies in the Bible have been accurate to the dot, (even if it took a long time before they came to pass). Just like this (our generation) hasn't seen the terrible prophecies spoken of by Jesus and in the Bible, which will drive strong men, rich and poor to plead for the rocks to cover them (Revelation 6:16). Simply put, I believe the Bible just because our LORD JESUS CHRIST rose…