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Solar Eclipse March 20 '15,Rome italy

Today the solar eclipse started in Rome at 9:23 am. As it is this video is as amateur as can be but it was able to capture a cosmic story that in my conviction has so much to do with the glory that much of the world prefer to turn its back on. You see all the world, even an ordinary individual like me who has so little if not, so ordinary knowledge of Astronomy or cosmos with all its complexities that perhaps NASA alone can mathematically explain,  is so awestruck if not overwhelmed by this heavenly wonder.  As it is, the night before, I and my eight year old daughter was searching on internet how to view this scientific phenomenon without harming our eyes. Of course she was crying because we didn't have time to procure the safe materials that will enable her to view it from her school which meant little chance for her to be an eyewitness of this once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event. The school authority even asked for a written permission from the parents, to enable the…