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Ron Rhodes: 40 Days Through Revelation

Now more than ever, we need to scrutinize the present-day events specially in relation to biblical prophecies. Violence, wars,conflicts, lack of family love, natural disasters, crises in many fronts of society,  seem to be the order of most days. As I've always claimed 'if you are not anchored to the Unmoveable Rock, you will most likely give in to the pressures of this life.

The Good News is oftentimes referred to as, as The Word of GOD or the Bible.It has all the (Practical) answers to the questions that might not have even entered your mind yet. Literally and Practically. The Good News is that GOD so loved the world (you and me) that HE gave HIS only Begotten Son that whoever believes on HIM will not perish but have everlasting life., (actually it's John 3:16) And our GOD has provided beforehand ; (before we were even born) all the solutions and answers to problems, if we just turn to HIM, ask HIM HE is that father in the prodigal son parable in the bible. So loving, …

I Can Only Imagine by Wynona Judd

I confess that no other song has touched my heart more than the meaning of this song,at least for this year. I imagine that every Christian shares the same sentiment, through all our  struggles, victories and failures, weaknesses and triumphs, highs and lows, ups and downs, pursuits and dreams, sometimes we tend to think that we are on our own. Life on its own is not easy, let alone, without GOD. This year, has seen so much storms in my personal life,that threatened the calm and peace that we need. Heavy storms, many storms, they were, as I look back now through the year that just crossed the timeline. I realize, we were carried through and delivered from all of them. He reached down to us with HIS healing, physical health,provisions, peace, grace, Great Mercy and Love. The Mighty Hand of my Merciful and Loving GOD reaching out to keep our family under HIS Protective Wings (I believe even at this moment as I write). There'd been so much difficulties and hurdles, and I know, in ev…