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Selfieritual:The Best Selfie Ever!

Merry Christmas to blogging enthusiasts and friends! This is my second and probably, last post for this year, at least for and before Christmas hits the world this year. Needless to say I've been out of circulation again as I assume; it is common to bloggers who can't quite make it yet to the first million dollars or euros notwithstanding the long-time intensive and extensive blogging prowess. I briefly veered away from blogging to perform passionately in the teaching profession, and network marketing (-which I would also respectfully recommend to every earning adult), also, mothering and wifey-ring and everything in between.
Last night or even until now I am amused at this new gen social phenomenon called 'selfie'. What is 'selfie' by the way. well, it's simply the picture you want to paint of yourself ,for the world to see. In hopes of arousing the interest of others in the form of 'likes' (or similar compliments) particularly in your Facebook account.  Really very interesting and I don't deny I am one ,into it ,though as less as I can . well everybody does it and I realize I want to do it as much as others and the more clever part of me asks 'what's the use?' so I end up doing it less because I don't see a dollar sign in exchange for
But there is another kind of 'Selfie' which imposes an everlasting and real meaning in our life. I coin it 'Selfieritual'. It is our picture or reflection in the mind of GOD, our GOD. Our self-reflection, self-image vouched and sealed in the blood of HIS Only Begotten Son, paid with the eternally priceless life of the GOD-Man our LORD Jesus Christ. This image (that) GOD would have you wear on earth until we get to heaven, fully paid-for with the crimson blood of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Here I go;
I am a child of GOD
I am the righteousness of GOD in Christ Jesus                     2 Cor 5:21
I am the apple of GOD's eye.                                                 Zech 2:8, Ps 17:8
GOD loves me                                                                        John 3:16
I am a new creation in Christ                                                  2 Cor. 5:17
I am healed                                                                              Is. 53
I am a royal priesthood                                                           1 Pet. 2:9
I am a chosen generation                                                       1 Pet 2:9
All Grace abounds towards me                                              2 cor. 9:8
as He is, so am I (are we) in this world                                  1 John 4:17
I am accepted in the beloved                                                  Eph 1;6
I am above and not beneath                                                    Deut. 28:13
I am the head and not the tail                                                  Deut. 28
I am the lender and not the borrower                                      Deut. 28
I am baptized into one Spirit. I am baptized into Christ and HIS death
 I am blessed with all spiritual blessings                                 Eph 1:3
I've got bold access to the throne of grace                              Heb. 4;16
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me           Phil. 4;13
I am chosen                                                                              John 15:16
Christ indwells me in all HIs fullness                                      1 Col. 2:9
I am a co-heir with CHRIST                                                    Romans 8:17
I am justified (forgiven and declared holy)                             Romans 8:1
Everything works in my favor                                                Romans 8:28
I am enriched in all knowledge                                               1 Cor. 1:5
He has freely given me all things                                            Romans 8:32
I am a friend of GOD                                                               James 2:23 this point I have to confess, space and time is not enough for me to list all HIS Great gifts to all who are willing to believe and accept them, through accepting our LORD Jesus Christ into his/her own life and heart. Would you? It mattered to GOD to the extent of giving HIS Own Only Begotten Son the LORD Jesus Christ to die to redeem us; why wouldn't it ,to you? It's not even that difficult,everybody is qualified.The only requirement is to have a child-like heart that's willing to accept and believe HIM. Selfie is as normal seeking self-worth which is innate in our human nature.We are all made in the image of GOD and each of us is valuable.and GOD affirms this absolutely in HIS WORD which is the Bible. And oh, did you know that the other name for the Bible is The Old/New (Will) Testament.?For all these GOD's Promises are stipulations in the Divine Contract between GOD and man, and would have meant nothing for us had they not been eternally signed and sealed with the Blood of our LORD JESUS. For this Chritmas, it's my sincere prayer that you find the real Reason for the Season.  And who knows? The best and guaranteed Selfieritual image,courtesy of our Loving Merciful GOD. Merry Christmas to all my friends. Our LORD Prosper each of us even more, with good and better health and more financial and material blessings and with HIS Own Peace this New Year 2015!GOD BLESS us all Tremendously!


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