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Selfieritual:The Best Selfie Ever!

Merry Christmas to blogging enthusiasts and friends! This is my second and probably, last post for this year, at least for and before Christmas hits the world this year. Needless to say I've been out of circulation again as I assume; it is common to bloggers who can't quite make it yet to the first million dollars or euros notwithstanding the long-time intensive and extensive blogging prowess. I briefly veered away from blogging to perform passionately in the teaching profession, and network marketing (-which I would also respectfully recommend to every earning adult), also, mothering and wifey-ring and everything in between.
Last night or even until now I am amused at this new gen social phenomenon called 'selfie'. What is 'selfie' by the way. well, it's simply the picture you want to paint of yourself ,for the world to see. In hopes of arousing the interest of others in the form of 'likes' (or similar compliments) particularly in your Facebook ac…