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Cristina's Debut and ICF Rome

I'd just like to share the kind of fellowship in our church.As it's called International Christian Fellowship,it connotes people from many nationalities and even though we all come from different backgrounds and walks of life,we are united in brotherhood and fellowship through the faith in ourLord Jesus Christ. What are the benefits of choosing to attend a Christian Church?You get to go into deeper understanding of the Word of GOD, or the Bible as it is the main foundation of the principles and preaching of any full-gospel Christian Pastor.We discover the great love of our merciful and gracious GOD to us,which we don't normally hear from secular TV, even from the secular society. It is a great spiritual and moral boost especially during times of difficulty when you don't know where to turn. We fellowship with gracious people who share in the love and faith of our LORD Jesus.We have a second family outside of our own biological family. We get to worship and recognize GO…