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Bagolaro Restaurant in Rieti

Two weeks ago,we attended a baptism of my niece's baby daughter. The reception followed at a splendid restaurant one hour away from Rome.Bagolaro is an agri-tourism restaurant located at the foot of a Rieti mountain,and in the midst of olives plantation and greeneries.They also have playground for kids and swimming pool within their premises,and spacious parking areas.Nevertheless, the best qualities of Bagolaro restaurant are both their impeccable service and sumptuous meals. There is a headwaiter that coordinates  perfectly the assignment of each of his subordinates,when to remove or serve the dishes , where to take what etc. Even the waiter themselves were very corteous in asking each guest if they have finished or if they want more,and they have a particular way of holding or serving the plates.I 'm pretty sure that everyone completely enjoyed everything,from the food to the ambience.And Bagolaro contributed a lot in making that day of baptism a memorable one.
 The long con…

Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Rome, Italy

I have just decided to revive this long-frozen blogsite of mine.The reason why I deliberately stopped posting for such a long period, is for my other blogsite to catch up with the number of posts with this one.But I realize it's useless doing so.To re-start, I 'd like to introduce this very nice orange building along Queen Margaret St. (in Italian; Via Regina Margherita) which I've always admired.
Today I thought of bringing my digicam just so I can take a photo of anything which interests me like this one, situated right across the tram station where I usually wait for the tram or mini-train.Actually Rome is very rich in culture which is also evidenced by the design and structure of most buildings.The Italians must have deliberately chosen not to embrace the modern building designs,just so they can preserve their cultural heritage.There are some new stylish buildings but they don't outnumber the archaic ones. One can't tell whether it's a residential building …