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I've always treasured the American dream especially when I was still living amid misery in the Philippines.I am one of the millions worldwide who harbor the same dream in the heart.The economic greatness of America is the primary attraction to many foreigners,and this economic greatness is owed mainly to the Christian culture that promotes freedom and the pursuit of happiness. By happiness, I mean,  satisfying one's  material (or otherwise) desires legally and correctly. That is maybe why majority of leading companies in the world( like McDonald's,cosmetics &drug companies, even  film and music industry),technological advances and top billionaires, have their origin in the US.Not only in the commercial sector is America succeeding,but the US is also the major provider (85% of the total missions worldwide) of charitable mission works and outreaches.It is the origin of the main and biggest Christian broadcasting networks in the history of mankind, through which people from many different nations- especially those who don't have the possibility of knowing the gospel of Christ like communist or muslim countries,are blessed.
And I'm sure there are so much more that the democracy in America affords not only the Americans themselves but also millions and millions of people in many parts of  the world.

These times see the US as a country gradually veering to socialism and over the years many religious leaders have been  sounding the alarm.In Obama's speech shortly after his inauguration to US presidency he categorically declared that US is no longer a Christian country,but a unification of citizens even from different cultures (hispanic,muslim,European etc.). thereby allowing the cultures/beliefs of migrating foreigners dictate the past and future of this country.I also learned of Obama's recent order banning the media from taking photos/videos of the oil spill caused by BP, within 65 m of distance otherwise they will be fined.I think USA has already changed so much in that they removed prayers from schools,they also prohibit 'Christmas' greetings and decorations during Christmas holidays (I hear now they're going to name the Christmas celebrations in honor of some pagan festivities that coincide on the same date),they have removed Thanksgiving (and calling it something else just like what they want to do with Christmas) they might be also actively opposing National Day of Prayer.They allow same-sex marriage even going as far as suing anybody who would dare offend the third sex, what with the hate campaign act that justifies homosexuals,  they legalized abortion and heavier taxes on private businesses.One of the initiatives to hinder the advance of socialism in the US is to sign up for a commitment  to pray. Prayer was the same power that brought down the Berlin Wall of Germany.And it will always be the same power that will change our life and history.


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We attended the celebration of Philippine Independence Day last June 12, at Manila Square here in Rome, and we enjoyed so much not only all the typical Filipino delicacies (mostly for free, just like in a town 'Fiesta'), but also the company of all the filipinos in that highly festive occasion where the TFC channel also held a show hosted by Pokwang and Randy Santiago.But we weren't able to watch anymore as we left before their arrival, late in the afternoon.We didn't want to expose our little daughter to too much sun. But it was the first time we attended the Philippine Independence Day here in Rome. It was also funny to see some foreigners, muslim-looking and also Italians appreciating our festivities and our food. There were many different booths set-up to promote varied services like Filipino real estate companies,Filipino Banking institutions, legal assistance, food stands etc. There was also the 'halo-halo' under the heat of the sun--:The most surprisin…

Cross At The Center of The Universe

This is the actual image at the very center of our universe,found at the core of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) Not long ago, a certain very young Pastor Louise who himself also, is a NASA/space enthusiast- preached in Spain about the incomprehensible enormity of our universe. It was a very eloquent message,very well explained and accompanied by his own actual visual collections from NASA. He articulately (however hard he tried to..) showed the vastness of GOD (more than that, the vastness of GOD's Love for us) . ...consider, at 60,000 or 70,000 ft. above the sealevel, all structures on earth's surface would hardly be visible through the naked eye, lowfast lamborghinis or ferraris, jetplanes,villas and mansions, the most luxurious malls and most importantly-people would seem inexistent. If you travel farther,beyond our own solar system or even outside our Milky Way galaxy, the Earth would seem to be only a dot.And men, you or me would be insignificant(or seemingly inexistent) size…


We celebrated our sixth year wedding anniversary yesterday at Hard Rock Cafe' at the Rome tourist belt area.Of course Italy is known for its delightful and fat-free cuisine but due to budget constraints we opted not for a fine dining.But the entire day was blessed with cheers and simple fatty dishes by Hard Rock but nevertheless served with kindness and sweetness by the young and handsome waiter.That is also good enough to make up for what might still be lacking to call it a memorable wedding anniversary.We were with my girlfriend Lala with whom I was teasing Alessandro our waiter just for fun.We finished our dinner with yet another greasy dessert hot fudge brownies.After that,we proceeded with some photoshoot outside the restaurant.As the American embassy is just a stone's throw away from Hard Rock, I also had my photo taken with it in the background.Well there's one more reason to Praise My GOD today.