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These past few days I haven't been able to post anything due to lack of ideas.It's really a shame considering the host of information available everywhere,in the media, on the internet, in public places etc. And the other important thing I'm considering is shifting jobs. The teaching job which I have now is also very good in the sense that it's very flexible to my needs as a mother.For me it's also stimulating to be able to travel around Rome regularly, especially because admittedly Rome is infinitely a beautiful place to explore (85% percent of teaching is done in private or outside the school premises, like companies or private homes). So I really enjoy the sights from the bus. There were even times that I've been tempted to getoff and take photos,if only I have enough time . ..The other good consideration in this job is that I get to be in contact with many highly professional people or students. The job is really stimulating on one end,very light. And you …


I was trying to work on enhancing my blog for revenue purposes, contemplating on uploading more impersonal videos, when I stumbled on the video clip of the bravest and most admired Italian Journalist Marco Travaglio, here on his recent political theatre performance. He's not really a comedian nor an actor nor a performer, he's a journalist or opinionist with extraodinary guts and exquisite articulation skills which made him worthy of the "Freedom Of The Press" award given by the German Press.I say, with exteaordinary guts because he dares to reveal facts (supported by documents and evidences) that expose the corruption and evil of the more powerful, rich and influential government figures including the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Marco Travaglio must be the only Journalist in Italy who is able to do a one-man act in a theatre normally dominated by performing artists, and go as far as capturing a substantial audience for a number of nights. He is also part of a…