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Dr. Mark Schwarzbauer & Couples' Day Out

Our church ICF (International Christian Fellowship) recently hosted a romantic evening for all couples, at the lounge in our church, with our guest Pastor Mark Schwarzbauer at the helm of the event, and I guess he and his vey beautiful and sweet wife Jill will be staying with us until the first week of October after which time they will be cruising across Europe until they return to Florida USA their homecountry.

Pastor Mark who is also a Doctor in Psychology, discussed the elements that enhance the marriage relationship and yes, even the sexual part within the biblical standpoint.We enjoyed the candlelit and sumptuous dinner graciously served by volunteer members,every table was reserved with the couple's names.

Guru Creator:Matteo Cambi

Once in awhile we stumble upon stories that are not actually uncommon but nevertheless,remarkably haunting.Stories of people's experiences from which we may gather life lessons ..
Meet Matteo Cambi, the young designer/founder of Guru, a clothing/accessory line that caters to the younger generation, now also a recognized brand in Europe and some countries in Asia like Japan. He was born 32 years ago in Carpi Italy. He led a short-lived multi-millionaire lifestyle that started out in 1999 when he first registered his creation 'Guru' and it became a success shortly thereafter. He took advantage of the personal connections that he gained from hanging out often in the most prestigious venues or discotheques where the famous italian personalities and celebrities usually go. He started giving out his latest personal designs saying that they're limited edition thus, convincing the rich and famous people to wear his line. From then on, his business began to climb the ladder o…

Medical Appointment:Pointers

Health has always been an important issue both on national level and personal,more particularly these days when new viruses and diseases are being discovered.It's becoming a normal procedure for almost everybody (everywhere) to have a regular medical check-up.
Here are some useful pointers one should keep in mind when visiting the doctor for medical check-up.

1. Bring all your medications to your doctor,if you can't physically bring them, you may write them down so as to avoid double prescription or, the event wherein another doctor prescribes you the same generic medicine that you might be already taking.

2. Doctors in this modern era now use electronic medical record but even then, this supposedly high technology can only go as far as the input entered.And these inputs are supplied by the patient,you should inform your doctor of any surgeries you had in the past, or any medical problems you had, or if you're still seeing another physician for another treatment.

3. Most…