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Today we had the chance to take our daughter to the nearby mall and she had the grand time playing in the big playpen. Seeing her relate to many different children in a nice way-not reprehensible, it gives us satisfaction. There were also a few little bullies with her but they mainly bullied the bigger kids (6, 7 years old) but nevertheless it's always ugly seeing or dealing with bullies. I have seen a very young boy of 6 years (I heard him mention it) mention ugly curses that he may have had very little understanding of, he must have 'learned' it in his own home. And even another girl a bit bigger than him, bully him yet again. And I fear that in the future my daughter will inevitably have to deal with this kind of difficulty, she might have to face 'difficult' people and I do not know how to prepare her or set the strong psychological foundation for her. But I Know my GOD Will help us as HE ALWAYS HAS. So far, her nursery teachers only have usual praises and co…

The Happy Teachers

I have just arrived at work, already 15 minutes late because I had to stop at the post office to send my monthly remittance to my family in the Philippines.As soon as I arrived I quickly plunged myself at the swivel and logged in here to internet to check my blog and would like to thank some new 'friends' who cared to 'follow' this humble endeavour. I am currently also facing a window overlooking a professor at work in his class (most probably some sort of engineering review class as our office\language school is adjacent to another degree review center but then I'm not so familiar with the college educational system of Italy) . Fortunately Maria (teaching German\English) one of our language teachers and another French friend Laetithia are available that means some students have yet to arrive and I would still be free to scribble something in a rush. (They must be also murmuring at the other room against this unethical work practice but as it is, oblivion is my fi…