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Try Fucothin

Many western people are desperate to have a slim figure and they try to find many ways to lose weight often with no or very little positive outcome. Perfect weight America has come up with the most effective slimming product that costs much less at the same time. I would vehemently advise everybody who desperately desires an enviable figure to Try Fucothin. Personally I would have tried it if I didn't need to gain some more weight.I weigh a dangerous 41 kilos. As it is, my iron level is found (in the recent blood analysis that I had), to be lower than the normal which is 60 for my age bracket (mine is just 26 something) so consequently I have to consume food with high iron level like legume, horse meat, red meat etc. But now I must be gradually approaching the normal iron level as I have been eating more, since I discovered my iron deficit. So happy slimming everyone!

Jolly Roger Hotel

We were in Anaheim California a few years back, for the express purpose of experiencing Disneyland in Los Angeles California. And we stayed in this modestJolly Roger Hotel for 3 days, near the world famous theme park. It is just some 10 to 15 minutes on foot to Disneyland Anaheim California. The nightly rate is reasonable and the service is fairly good. It had been an unforgettable experience , as I practically never had a happy childhood (my parents had no jobs, no money, no (special) gifts nor celebrations on special occassions, no regular decent meal to offer THEN or during those days, ..) humiliation and scorn used to be our daily portion. BUT GOD changed our situation and even gave this opportunity to 'go back as it were' to my childhood. We went on kiddie rides and we were together with small kids screaming our lungs-out in the river ride that went up and down a very high artificial mountain. But we never had the guts to try the cyclone, or at least my husband bec…


After my first lesson at nine am with a very nice italian lady Civil Engineer Evelina, I tried to have some hot chocolate from the vending machine and I had asked my colleague Larissa for some coins. But the vending machine technician was present re-loading the machine and he gave me a cup of chocolate for free (cost: 50 eurocents). I get a sweet wink of love from my Great GOD, through this.I also wanted to transfer in a lesson cubicle near the window so I can have the best view of sunlight and open air, these days I feel the need for some more bright sunlight and bright skies. Mentally or psychologically, and physically. Everything is getting better. PRAISE GOD!

Better Days Ahead

It is obvious that the warm season is gradually approaching. The cold season has been turbulent episode particularly for little children. The crossover from cold season to warm (winter to spring) is characterised by rains, cold winds blowing and melancholic gray skies. But the good thing is that spring is nearing summer. Which means getting rid of flu, cough and colds which usually accompany winter.
Well I had a photo taken in the pizza house near my workplace. The pizzagirl wih me is Annelina, a perfect epitome of a good customer service. She can make the sternest client smile without even trying. She has this natural charm, an excellent sense of humor and a very friendly attitude. They also make the bestest white pizza with zucchini, in rome as far as I'm concerned.
On the other photo is my very lovable young student. I can say, that I love this sweet girl very much. Once, she risked herself,criss-crossing through the passing cars just to stop the bus that I was supposed to take.…

NATO, Politics and Economy

I didn't realise that working as an English teacher can also involve being aware of current events issues. These days I have been having lessons with a NATO administrative employee who might be bound to work in the NATO office in Munich Germany. He usually prefers to practice his english communication skills so we get to discuss topics relevant to his imminent job transfer. In particular he is involved in processing industrial contracts for the manufacture or production of NATO's recent two fighter planes project European Fighter Aircraft (Eurofighter 2000) and the other older model Tornado.He was kind enough to give me documents relative to this project, in which I'm also very interested . I have been learning interesting things about this particular project especially how the share distribution and funds allocation are subdivided between the member countries, the logistics, the contrast of specs of the two projects and an infinity of other interesting information.
On t…


There's an old saying 'When in Rome do as the romans' which practically means nothing.
Or maybe the romans or italians in general are a peculiar people in many differect aspects. For one, they more sensitive to the needs of other pèople, a very generous and hospitable people. They are also generally highly cultured and diplomatic. Ethical standards are very prime to them.
Let me suggest another good aspect of Rome, it may be the most attractive and popular tourist destination in the world. So when in Rome, I can suggest to hire the transport services offered by Alfa Service Rent A car. Not only do they offer low rent rates, they also have corteous and very presentable (translated:young and handsome) personnel. They have a range of different transportation vehicles like van, secure cars, elegant or sportive cars all equipped with navigation systems. Mercedes, Lancia, Opel Astra, Renault Megane, SmartmFortwo are some of the cars they offer for rent. One can rent on long a ter…

Good Customer Service

On weekends we usually sleep longer, but today I woke up an hour earlier because I decided to go to church alone, since it's not a so-bright shining day. I prepared and cooked my family's lunch, gave my daughter her vitamins and breakfast, changed her diaper and cleaned her. The off I went.

After church I passed by this nice cosmetics shop Bottega Verde located in the subway underground commercial malls . It's because, last month I bought some beauty products here
mascara, press powder and lipstick. I opted for this brand because their products are based on natural components and natural herbs. And it's light on the skin, unlike the heavy liquid make-ups. On top of all, they are offering their products on 50 % discount at this period. I would have preferred Clinique products which are also skin friendly but they cost more. So when I was paying I found only 20 something (Euros) in my wallet and I was supposed to pay an already 50 % discounted amount of Euro 24. SO I pro…