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Etcetera II

bukku-bukku? en-zhwen? ngo-lieu shushu.This fast french nose/lingual acrobacy is both fascinating and interesting to me. Vincent and Alexandra-and Giusy I learned to like and they're really very nice. There is one new which might challenge my undisputable patience, a french speaking italian girl who I usually catch studying me from head to foot in a blink of an eye.It's OK. I have oblivion for a nickname.

On my way to my morning lesson I deliberately dropped on the street my used bus ticket so as not to confuse with my other tickets (the correct social rule is that I should have thrown it inside the thrash container) After more than one hour, as I was traversing the same way, back I saw this new looking ticket, assuming that it was a new ticket I picked it up (as I was able to find, a few times in the past -an unused ticket on the streets. Then I recognized it was the same ticket I threw earlier. So I kept it.


- Today is a busy day. The staff is in full force everyone is busy with somebody, in their lesson cubicles.

- Just 5 minutes ago I was eating (an early) lunch with the very young, very beautiful and kind French teacher Alexandra, at 11:30 noon. Italians usually have lunch at 2pm.

- Yesterday I (we) arrived 14 minutes late in fetching our daughter from the daycare school, due to traffic and some rain. Her teachers, strangely didn't make any violent reactions, unlike 2 weeks ago when I arrived ONE minute late. Today they even complimented that she always finishes her plate. This morning I was expecting a harsh reprimand or comment, but they were all heartmelting-ly corteous and smiling.

Another thing that irks her teacher is when I call to ask how everything is going. She has reasons to be offended but sometimes I cant't help acting on mother's instinct.
After taking her to the daycare school I proceeded to my private lessons (tutoring) in the most prestigiou…

The Rainbow and The Star

It usually happens that when I think of something, it eventually 'manifests', like last week for some reason I thought of rainbow and it reminded me of GOD's pact or promise with humankind that HE will never again destroy the earth with flood. Then just this Wednesday, as we were fetching our daughter from the daycare school I saw a very beautiful rainbow, actually I already saw it on my way (as I was inside the bus). I wanted my daughter to see it also (their daycare is called rainbow also) but the many trees blocked the beautiful sight that she wasn't able to see. Then I asked or thought where the rainbow ends, the next day the photogallery section of a local rome newspaper featured a photo of a (sta fe) californian fisherman fishing in this river.Where the rainbow ended.
Another thing is that I'm also fascinated by stars specially the biggest and brightest the comes out the first, at the first sign of darkness. I wondered what the name of that star was. Then ye…


Today I had to start out the day earlier than usual and through the rush I honestly forgot to take some pocket money (for lunch and transport ticket). I thank GOD that I took my husband' s lunchpass (a sort of ticket accepted in certain commercial establishments as a form of payment). But they dont accept it in the pizzaparlor where I usually eat, I tried with other food stores but to no avail. Finally I came to one supermarket and they accept it but they have no pizza (my usual lunch) so I settled for a coke-incan, ritters sport chocobar and potatoe chips then the cashier asked me for additional money because I exceeded the amount in the lunch pass so I had to admit in front of the cashier and everybody waiting in line behind me, that I have brought no money. The only thing I can be ashamed of is if I did something wrong like shoplifting. Then later, as I was going for an outdoor assignment I realized I was at risk of being caught without busticket (which might mean paying Euro 1…

Nature's Hospital Health Products!

I usually watch the Trinity Broadcasting Network (Christian channel) and it was where I saw this amazing natural health supplement called Nature's Hospital. I don't consider myself a gullible person. I trust that this product is what it claims to be, as many of the people who took this also testified of its positive effects on their health. It is specially effective against many common skin and age problems, also for helping improve memory functions of both children and adults. The company also gives many helpful health advice and their marketing is very transparent ( relating to the substance contents of the product) unlike a particular so-called curative ionized water that supposedly originated from Utah that is freely being marketed in the Philippines and I suppose elsewhere, but there is no means of verifying the validity of this product, legally and content-wise.


This instead is the daylight and night view of our backyard, overlooking the mini park where children usually play ball. Just two weeks ago the environmental maintenance cut the trees again allowing our kitchen with welcome warmth of sunlight.
Anyways today GOD saved the day for me, in sparing me time for cooking and preparing for this new working week. My very, very goodhearted sister-inlaw (with her goodhearted husband) like they always do dropped by to bring us yummy homemade treats (like fettucini pasta, crunchy biscuits, meatballs with all the works and roastmeat) while this morning my daughter's grandmother who lives a few blocks from us called for me to pick up the homemade cake she baked mainly for my daughter (and us, in her side thoughts) Well for me this is a very sweet kiss of GOD for the day. Although we 're not able to attend worship for several sundays now, I know GOD is not condemning us as I understand better HIS love being much more gracious than my love for …

Our Neighborhood

The sun came out today Valentine's (Happy Valentine's to all by the way)but the wind is icycold as it was also yesterday. I hope the cold season subsides quickly. I used to love it before because having come from a tropical country I always considered winter as a romantic and peculiar scene. But now I realize it easily takes with it the flu and the like. It's not a particularly friendly season for young children whose immune system is not yet fully developed.
This is the main street adjacent to our apartment and the fleamarket (about only 5 minutes by feet from our house) the fleamarket is facing my daughter's daycare school. So I usually buy some fruits or vegetables and meats after taking her to school, before proceeding to my work.
This morning I saw an elegant pair of blazer and pants at a reasonable price and I was ready keen at buying but they didn't have my size - small (40-42) . Well . . .
The good thing about this neighborhood or particularly in this market…