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vittoriajc: Your 'Sponsor' to a better income opportunity

"Ja kailangan lagi mo on ang PC mo mpara lagi tayo comunicate. this week nakaearn nanaman ako ng 350.euro d2 sa H&C, kaya cipagan mo na din."

(You must turn on your pc always so we can keep intouch.This week I earned again Euros 350 here in H&C, so you work on, also)
This is part of the email ate Pen wrote (in the photo in my previous post) On the week she was here, she earned almost Euros 800. It is the setup inwhich anyone who needs to travel (by plane, cruise ship) will not need anymore the services of the travel agency.He\she can book his own ticket -plane or cruise ship) online through the website holidaysandcash therefore eliminating the additional charges from the travel agents. Doing away with the hassles of making a trip and following up with the travel agency, and all the bureucracy. Holidaysandcash provides travel tickets at a price almost 40% less,than that offered by travel agents. Also reduced rates on over 800,000 hotels worldwide. Not only will one ge…

Easy Earning Opportunity- Really.

Ate Beth that's how I call her(the one w the shortest hair,in green sweaters). I consider her my distant relative although I'm not really aware of any bloodties between us, only that she was one of our early boarders when my family was still renting an apartment right in the center of notorious university belt (Lepanto -I don't remember the 1st name of this hero's st. and San Sebastian Church area) in Manila where I(with my siblings) was both born and raised. Batang Quiapo.Ate Beth also comes from the same province as my parents (Puerto Princesa and Coron Palawan) therefore she speaks the like dialect. For this I feel like she's my next of kin--her main activity here in Rome is selling just about everything and anything (except of course the Pacific Ocean) she's a real state agent (Philippine properties), she sells cultured pearls, accessories like swarovski, jewelries fake and real, perfumes real and imitation, designer watches Forever Living (although now-de…