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Vacation treat

A few months ago, (Easter season in particular) as is the custom of Italians they usually go out of town briefly to relax and recharge. We were blessed to be treated by Franco to a 5 day all expenses paid get-away,we stayed in a splendid hotel called Hotel Santa Caterina which is right in the center of this small Tuscan town Chianciano terme (about 2 hours from Rome center)..I`ve been to several hotels in my lifetime, including some 5 star hotels in Las Vegas Nevada , or modest small hotel in Los Angeles. But I`ve never experienced a peculiar treatment like that of Hotel Santa Caterina Franco knows personally the family that manages this hotel(he even brought a box of artichokes as gift), and I had that impression that for this reason we were treated as special guests so to speak (Maybe it`s one of the reasons). They had a ready gift for my little daughter-a beautiful doll But then some other guests started coming, and they were welcomed in the same…